I Was Bitten, Stung And Broken.

  It is really difficult to stay afloat and keep my  head above waters, life in itself is a daily struggle, once I open my eyes to a new day, I begin to wonder what the day holds for me. No amount of planning I put in place prevents nature from contributing either positively or negatively to my day. The problems I face include: Continue reading “I Was Bitten, Stung And Broken.”

My “Go To Foundation” For A Natural Look.

It’s  time for my ladies to get in here and lets talk makeup/beauty. We are going to take a look at one  of the foundations that l  always tend to reach out for, when I’m going for a very natural look. I have used this foundation over time and can give you my honest reviews on it. If you’re the type that loves foundations, but not sure of the one to go for,  because you’re scared of coming across as too “made up ” or “cakey”. You want to wear your foundation and still look as natural as possible without feeling its weight on your skin, then, get in here. Continue reading “My “Go To Foundation” For A Natural Look.”

MASSIVE EXODUS: Igbos Flee Back To South East As Quit Notice From The North Takes Effect.

Mr Egonu Athanasius  the President of the  Igbo Market Amalgamated Traders Union has made known that some members of the union have started moving their families out of the northern states back home to the south-south and other states in the Federation in response to the ultimatum issued by the Coalition of Northern Youths.

According to him, the Igbos were moving out of the northern parts of the country in order to protect and shield their families from the threats meted out by the northern youths. This is a step taken, to guide themselves against any attack.

Athanasius pleaded with the government to treat all ethnic groups in Nigeria equally in order to forestall a revolt and also called  for the implementation of the 2014/2015 National Conference report. In his words:

“Let them treat every tribe equally. If you treat Igbo man with equal right, Igbo man will not revolt against you. If you treat Hausa man with equal right, Hausa Man will not revolt against you. Equally, a Yoruba  man and we are one Nation”.

Northern Youth Gives Ultimatum to Igbos And Are Backed By Kano Lawmaker.

    Aminu Suleiman who is a member of the House of Representatives has lent his support for the recent call by the Coalition Of Northern Youths,  giving all the igbos three months to vacate northern Nigeria or be forcefully made to leave.

He retorted that the eastern part of the country have practically held the country Nigeria to ransom, through their constant  threats of secessions and other unacceptable activities. According to the law-maker;

“I have read  the statement of the Northern Youth Coalition. I  may not completely say I share their vision a hundred percent, but they have found a supporter in me, because the people of the eastern Nigeria have taken this country to ransom. They have been causing serious problems  to this country, they caused the civil war, which brought backwardness in this country. They have been using provocation to attract more attention than other parts of the country”.

Aminu Suleiman, who is also the chairman of the House Committee on Tertiary Education, also expressed his disappointment concerning the call for the arrest of the northern youths by some northern elites and especially the state Governor, Nasir el-Rufai.  He further went on to say that;

“People like el-Rufai just played to the gallery. I condemn him entirely for coming out to issue arrest warrant against the northern youths. Where was el-Rufai when IPOB and other secessionist groups in the South East were calling for secession? Don’t they have Governors? Don’t they have elders? Why didn’t they caution them.


   I love him and I know he loves me too, he hits me at times, but I think it’s my fault because I provoke him into doing it, I know he’ll change with time because he is not the violent type.  He’s just having a bad day and I need to learn to be more submissive, I already have kids for him and they need their father to be in their life, if I leave him, I don’t know where I am going to start from. He is the only man I have known all my life, he is my rock, who is going to love me if I leave him?  What are my parents going to say, what are my church members going to think of me, what is the society going to say, what am I going to tell my kids when they come of age. Maybe, he needs to hit me every once in a while to bring me to my senses at times.


5 New Political Parties Registered By INEC.

On the 7th, June 2017, the Independent National Electoral Commission informed the public of the registration, of five new political parties ahead of the 2019, general election in Nigeria.

This was  made known by INEC’s chairman and commissioner, Information and Voters Education Committee, Mr Adedeji Soyebi in Kaduna, at the closure of the commission’s meeting.

Presently, the associations that have applied for registration to the commission are 95 in number, meanwhile, 2 of the associations have withdrawn their applications willingly.

Mr Soyebi revealed that 760,989 voters have been registered nationwide so far, while speaking on the Continuous Voters Registration(CVR), which started on the 27th of April. He further broke it down, that 40.5 percent of females and 59.5 percent of males made up for the figure.

According to him, 31, 808 have so far collected their PVCs while 34,560 persons applied for their polling units to be transferred. Soyebi said that INEC could currently not decentralize the voters registration to the Registration Area Level, due to budgetary defects, adding that due consideration would be given to areas with peculiar problems.

The political parties he mentioned are:

  1. Young Progressive Party (YPP)
  2. Advanced People Democratic Alliance (APDA).
  3. New Generation Party of Nigeria (NGP).
  4. All Democratic Peoples Movement (ADPM).
  5. Action Democratic Party (ADP).

I Am Ashamed Of My Religious Belief.

Coming to terms with  a lot of things in one’s life can be very difficult at times, there are so many of us who were born and imbibed into certain religion , while some, out of curiosity found their own path.

There are people who are neither here nor there, and of-course, those who have no religious belief. Whatever  group or category you belong to, is not the real issue here, but your ability to show and  profess confidently and proudly where you actually belong to, is what matters.

In the society of today, a lot of pressure has been placed on the issue of religion and especially in terms of recent happenings, which has left the world in so much chaos and uncertainties, so much as to make a believer second guess themselves. This is why  non religious people, see others who hold on, tenaciously to their belief, as people who have a mental dis-order, they can not comprehend why a person should believe in something they can neither see, hear nor feel.

I, personally would rather have a religious belief to hold on to, than not. I feel very comfortable and confident that I have a religious belief that makes me feel safe each time I open my eyes to a new day, giving me new hope, giving me the assurance that everything will be alright. The knowledge alone, that there is something out there, a ”Higher Being”, that I am holding on to, keeps me going.  This enables me to channel my feelings through prayers , which can be very meditative and healing for my mental and physical being.

As a teenager, I remember feeling  a little bit awkward, sharing my religious beliefs, praying in public places, especially when I was not in the midst of people who directly shared my beliefs, I remember gaining more confidence when I made the conscious effort to equip myself with a lot of research into my beliefs. Trust me, as the saying goes that “Knowledge is Power” I surely became empowered and felt more confident.

I am a christian, a catholic and a proud one at that, I am not ashamed to profess and practice it. Let us practice what we preach, by living it. When you choose to compromise your faith to suit a purpose, then you are letting yourself down, you are not being truthful to yourself and to the people around you. Why are you afraid of what people might think or say about your choice? take a stand, because, it is either you are loved for what you believe in or hated for it, the choice, is yours to make.

Make a conscious effort, to really understand where you belong, be true to yourself and live for yourself, rather than live for others.

Leave your comments, share and let’s inspire together.


Dr. Osato Osemwengie, A Nigerian, Is a U.S Drone Builder With 6 Masters Degree and 3 PhD.

Dr. Osatohanmwen Osemwengie.

An Edo state indigene, Dr. Osato  Osemwengie,  left the shores of Nigeria in the 80s for the United State of America, where he became an indomitable force to be reckoned with in Robotic Engineering.  He has since then, in Texas set a very high standard and pace for academicians to follow.

He is currently one of the Nigerians that are connecting bright and shinning dots on the map of the universe, with his ground breaking record.

After 6 Master’s Degrees,  Dr. Osato  Osemwengie plans on obtaining his 7th Master’s Degree, and according him will have his 4th Ph.D degree in Dallas at the University of Texas, in September 2017.

Dr. Osatohanwen Osemwengie has been a member of the American Armed Forces, creating drones for the United States Army, which are used for the purposes of surveillance, in order to gather crucial and important information.

He is an accomplished academician, who is also the founder of the Open Robotics University, that allow people to further exercise their talent and expand their skills into all areas, relating to engineering.




Sources Revealed That El-zakzaky is Alive and Well.

Ibrahim El-Zakzaky the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria(IMN)  is not only alive, but hale and hearty according to sources.

There has been great tension especially among his followers, following rumors about his poor state of health and even possible death.

It has therefore, been revealed by NAN, that a security official who is an insider, has describe the rumor as a malicious  plot made by mischievous rumor mongers, trying to create tension and confusion among  the people. And especially to also take advantage of the Ramadan period in order to gain their  support and sympathy.

“The family members of El-Zakzaky and  top Islamic leaders of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCI), had in the past paid him visits” also was revealed by the security agency.

It would be recalled, that El-Zakzaky was arrested on the 14th of December , 2015,  following a clash between the soldiers and some of his followers.  He has been in the custody of the DSS ever since.


Help! My Kids are Turning into Teenagers.

Are you a parent terrified of how you are going to deal with all the intense growth that comes with teen years?  Or do you already have them on your hands and are a bit confused?  Or have you not  considered it yet?

Well, just to let you know that you are not alone. These years do not come only with the physical changes, but also emotional and psychological  changes. They tend to be more rebellious at this stage, wanting to be more in charge of their emotions and trying to always get you to understand things from their own point of view or perspective.

Parents make so many mistakes at this crucial stage of  their children’s mental development. They tend to want to still be in control through forcefulness and high-handedness. This has caused a lot of strain between parents and their teenage kids.


LISTEN:  Be ready to be their friend,  at this stage, they want you to be more understanding of their needs and one of the ways in which you can achieve this,  is by paying more attention to them, taking out the time to study them behaviorally and  learn to be a good listener.

BE READY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS: This is when you start getting some very uncomfortable questions from your teenage kids, that is, if you have been able to win their friendship, be ready to answer these questions as honestly as you can,” even though you are going crazy inside” calmness at this stage is very crucial.

SLOW TO ANGER:  You have to learn at this stage to keep your anger in check, you push them away by exhibiting so much  anger when they make mistakes.

TRUST: Teenagers open up more, when they feel they can trust you, they tell you things on their mind sometimes, without you even asking. Work at gaining their trust  and gradually other things will fall into place.

Above all, do not forget to pray and continue to pray for  your children, as this is the seal that binds all, mentioned above. Let us share our thoughts on this and help inspire someone today.