Make Your Dreams Happen

Yes, I am referring to YOU! Yes, YOU! What is holding you back? Why do you think you can’t do it? Why are you scared? Why do you keep procrastinating? Why are you giving flimsy excuses on holding back on your dreams? There are so many “WHYS” that require an honest answer from you.

Sitting back and doing nothing about all the “whys” in your life will not answer the questions. As the saying goes ”a journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step”. That single step can make a big difference, do not think about the “what ifs” before you even take that step, because, those are the strings that you have allowed to define and control you for so long and such strings are called “SETBACKS” even before you start.

Tell yourself that enough is enough, you are going to stop making excuses and start make efforts, you are going to stop complaining and start complimenting yourself, you are going to stop whining and start winning. Your destiny lies in your hands, only you can decide what you wish to do with it.

Whenever you fail at something does not mean you are a failure, it only means that you can get better at it, if you try and try again. The number of times you fall does not matter, but how strongly you were able to stand up is all that counts. Don’t ever be scared to try again, because, you will encounter a lot of obstacles in the process, you will or may be told that you’re not good enough or that you can’t make it, all these should make you hunger for success the more, exert all that anger and energy into bettering yourself. What better revenge is there than to shut up your haters with your success. Where are you in your life today? Are you a whiner or a winner? Are you a sucker or a success? Remember, above all, it’s never too late to start.


What are those setbacks in my life?

How can i overcome them?

What are the efforts i am             making to resolve them?

It is time to get up and take the bull by the horn. You are in control of your destiny.
Share your thoughts and let us rub minds on this one and inspire someone today.


29 Replies to “Make Your Dreams Happen”

  1. Maryosadolor you’ve said all and you just made my day. I want to do away with all the why’s, let go of the strings around me and yes l want to be a WINNER today. It’s not gonna be easy but it takes little steps to make a giant step. Thank you so much.

    1. I am happy you found this piece inspiring. Have a great day ahead.

    1. @Esther wood, like you rightly said, that’s the ultimate ice breaker, try and try again. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Hmm! If only everyone of us can be patient enough to read through this piece then it will surely dawn on all that “Too much of sleep never makes dream cone true”.

    To corroborate your claims that we need to stop whining and start winning, let me share a wise saying I once came across: It goes thus – “Never give up on anything simply because you failed, you have only learnt one way in which that particular thing will NOT work so keep trying”.

    However I wished that your write up gave practical examples (at least one) that can assist some very terrible situations in life.

    Keep it coming dear, life needs such reflections.

  3. I believe God led you to me, as I just set up a vocational training centre. I have taken the bold steps by putting all the capital stock in place…but having been dragging my feet on moving to the next level. Which is branding and bringing it to the wider public. This piece of writing has done the trick. Thanks Mary. Well done and keep inspiring.
    Elohor Matilda Owumi.

  4. Such an inspiring post. As a single mother, I often let the “Why”s hold me back.

    1. We all do that all the time, we just need to take a bold step at one point in our lives to forge ahead.I also have been held down for so long with so many ‘whys’ but decided to let go and move up. Happy you found it inspiring.

    1. Thank you Jay, you just made my day. Looking forward to seeing more of you on my blog. I welcome all criticisms to help me grow. Thanks.

  5. I have a lot of why’s in my life too. Depressions always holding me back when It seems like God is against to my plans that I want so I could live. I’m in a situation of “trying” and that is my last try. I am looking forward to what next I can do and what will happen.

    1. You are definitely not alone, so many of us struggle daily and not giving up is part of the solution.It isn’t how many times things don’t go our way, but how we are able to deal with the situation in order to overcome.

  6. This is such a great read… I do that to my self all the time, I put my self down thinking im not good enough or smart enough to do anything.. Thank you for such an uplifting post!

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