The Perfect Life of a Housewife.

Did i just say perfect! Well, let me start by saying that you can only find perfection in your imperfections, if you search and work hard at it. Many years ago, if I was told, I would be a housewife, I would  have laughed out loud and said not a chance in hell”.

I had always dreamt of being the very one who would give orders in offices, have many staffs to work with, wake up early to go to work, dress very official and all that. I guess life has a way of restructuring whatever plans we sometimes set in place.

Here I am today, a housewife of over 14years. When I sometimes look back, I laugh at myself, shake my head and thank God for my life. So many people have their different perspectives and views when it comes to this very sensitive topic, yes, I say sensitive because there are lots of controversies surrounding it.

There are people who are of the opinion that housewives are women who have been stripped off their rights and integrity by their spouses. Whenever I hear or read these comments, I wonder and say to myself that people draw up conclusions from either what they’ve experienced, read, seen or from pure ignorance.

I believe the decision for a woman to be a housewife even with her great educational background/qualifications is solely a decision between her and spouse, which must come with a lot of understanding on the part of the woman and a lot of genuine convincing promises on the part of the man.

This is where the perfection comes in, a woman forced into being a housewife can never give her best, just as with any other profession. The man must be in a position to fulfill all understandings, reached and agreed upon by both parties and the woman, must also be ready to play her own part. Perfection starts creeping in if given a chance and usually in a gradual process. There are times when you ask yourself “how did I get into this” and there are times you say “I will never trade this for the whole world”.

I find being a housewife very interesting and fulfilling, though, there are times I get so bored purely out of the fact that i allow my mind to drift afar and think of other things i could have been doing with my life. I have learnt to be at peace with my decisions and this is also where your partner needs to come in every now and then, to reassure you, continuously show his support and unwavering love, which must be reciprocated.

Life in general isn’t rosy, so don’t expect yours to be, always try to draw up a plan for each new day, look at the brighter side of life and always learn to see positivity even in the face of adversary, because challenges will always knock at your door. Learning to be at peace within myself and facing all the challenges with wisdom and understanding, which can only be gotten through patience and perseverance by the special grace of God, is what has made me found perfection in being a housewife.

Are you a housewife like me? What are your perspectives and views on this topic? Let us rub minds on this and inspire one another.


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  1. Hmmmmmm, I was housewife for about 11 years before I decided to run my own business in my compound next to my house, so I still consider myself one. Many times I am overwhelmed with shuttling between the house and my business and like you wonder what it will feel like having my business far away from my home. However, I have come to realise that in this life, you can never have it all. Rather we should be grateful to God for our circumstances and pray that he directs us to make best and be happy no matter the circumstances. Here I am, running my business and home under my nose, and yet wondering what it will be like to have an office far from home! Imagine that! With Lagos traffic! God I give you thanks! Forgive for those times I have grumbled badly and go into mood swings! Simply because I am walking a few metres between home and work place!!

  2. The term “housewife” sounds derogatory and degenerating. But I am yet to find the opposite of the word or the alternative which could be considered.

    Women are a vital part of the family which can never be dispensed of. We cannot afford to relegate women to the background as if they were not so important in the family by simply referring to them as “housewives”. Moreover as the saying goes: “As the man is the pillar of the house; so is the woman the foundation” . I then begin to wonder if the pillar can stand without a proper foundation. Therefore behind every successful man is a very good woman.

    A really good housewife is the pride of every family, the peak of joy and the sign of love. No matter what white-colar job or any other work a wife engages in, her position in the house can never be contracted out if the family must be solidly built. Consequently being a housewife is the primary duty of a woman, wife or mother.

    In our age of “women emancipation” one must be very careful not to just conceive of the role of women in nation building through the family as modern form of slavery. Hence it will be like living in a fools paradise to think that a house-maid can do the works expected of the woman in the house or to think that the man (husband) can do what the woman should do. Let us cooperate with nature’s distribution of responsibilities and not attempt to rationalise our responsibilities in other to achieve our selfish goals which translates to NOTHING if our God-given role in life is relegated.

    I therefore agree that a great understanding between a husband and wife can open up a new chapter of family building which eventually translates to nation building. However when the husband and wife compete rather than cooperate, and the wife decides to be as busy as her husband the home begins to suffer and the children (if any) suffer the lack of parental care and presence. Indeed some parent may think that giving the best of gifts to their children, sending them to be most expensive schools, and going for summer holidays is enough to make a great home and family. Well, be rest assured that that is far from the truth. Moreover the saying still holds good that “charity begins at home” and who is there to inculcate this charity when both parents are “Too busy” making money rather than building a home. Therefore as much as it is the duty of both parents to build a home, the place of the woman as “housewife” cannot be compromised.

    Is there a perfect housewife? Hmm! I wonder.
    Is it derogatory to call a woman a housewife? Maybe out of ignorance

    North South East and West, home is still the best. A woman is a home builder and irrespective of the white-colar job a woman engages in, the true measure of her success will be determined by the type of home she builds.
    (My own thoughts)

  3. I am a housewife, I love being able to dedicate my time to my children and my husband. The days go by so fast, I don’t know where id find the time to go out and work. I want my family to know I will always be there no matter what and often forget to take time out for myself. I feel lucky to be able to be a housewife.

    But often when you tell others that you are a housewife they look at you as if you are mad and lazy. If only they new how hard i work without a wage packet at the end of the month, they may think again.
    I am proud to say I have a happy and well organised household and yes that is down to all my hard work.

  4. In today’s world its important to remember that you can have men and women who take on the role of maintaining the home. For me, I earn the money and my fiancé maintains the home. It works perfectly!

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