Sources Revealed That El-zakzaky is Alive and Well.

Ibrahim El-Zakzaky the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria(IMN)  is not only alive, but hale and hearty according to sources.

There has been great tension especially among his followers, following rumors about his poor state of health and even possible death.

It has therefore, been revealed by NAN, that a security official who is an insider, has describe the rumor as a malicious  plot made by mischievous rumor mongers, trying to create tension and confusion among  the people. And especially to also take advantage of the Ramadan period in order to gain their  support and sympathy.

“The family members of El-Zakzaky and  top Islamic leaders of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCI), had in the past paid him visits” also was revealed by the security agency.

It would be recalled, that El-Zakzaky was arrested on the 14th of December , 2015,  following a clash between the soldiers and some of his followers.  He has been in the custody of the DSS ever since.


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