I Am Ashamed Of My Religious Belief.

Coming to terms with  a lot of things in one’s life can be very difficult at times, there are so many of us who were born and imbibed into certain religion , while some, out of curiosity found their own path.

There are people who are neither here nor there, and of-course, those who have no religious belief. Whatever  group or category you belong to, is not the real issue here, but your ability to show and  profess confidently and proudly where you actually belong to, is what matters.

In the society of today, a lot of pressure has been placed on the issue of religion and especially in terms of recent happenings, which has left the world in so much chaos and uncertainties, so much as to make a believer second guess themselves. This is why  non religious people, see others who hold on, tenaciously to their belief, as people who have a mental dis-order, they can not comprehend why a person should believe in something they can neither see, hear nor feel.

I, personally would rather have a religious belief to hold on to, than not. I feel very comfortable and confident that I have a religious belief that makes me feel safe each time I open my eyes to a new day, giving me new hope, giving me the assurance that everything will be alright. The knowledge alone, that there is something out there, a ”Higher Being”, that I am holding on to, keeps me going.  This enables me to channel my feelings through prayers , which can be very meditative and healing for my mental and physical being.

As a teenager, I remember feeling  a little bit awkward, sharing my religious beliefs, praying in public places, especially when I was not in the midst of people who directly shared my beliefs, I remember gaining more confidence when I made the conscious effort to equip myself with a lot of research into my beliefs. Trust me, as the saying goes that “Knowledge is Power” I surely became empowered and felt more confident.

I am a christian, a catholic and a proud one at that, I am not ashamed to profess and practice it. Let us practice what we preach, by living it. When you choose to compromise your faith to suit a purpose, then you are letting yourself down, you are not being truthful to yourself and to the people around you. Why are you afraid of what people might think or say about your choice? take a stand, because, it is either you are loved for what you believe in or hated for it, the choice, is yours to make.

Make a conscious effort, to really understand where you belong, be true to yourself and live for yourself, rather than live for others.

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  1. I empathize with you in this article. I believe in a book that has been proven has historical accuracy. I believe in a world that scientists repeatedly tell us has great design, yet in the same breath they refuse to believe in a designer. And… We live in a time where it’s cool to believe you’re smarter and no more than everyone around you. We live in a time where people tell everyone the Christians hate and the people being told this just believe it. When Christianity preaches of love from beginning to end. And whereas, Christianity teaches that the only way to truly become wise us to realize that you know very little. Now that I’m 39, I’m beginning to find my voice. I try not to get hung up on the fact that I feel like I’ve wasted nearly half of my life. I try to remind myself of the moments when I did speak up and I try to run with the momentum that I have now.

  2. I actually never speak to others about my religious beliefs – not because I am ashamed but they are mine. When meeting people with different beliefs it is helpful to seek what are the common thoughts and not what makes the difference – the world would be a happier place.

    Though my personal beliefs are more kind of paganism my children (and me) are also christians because it is the culture of our Country and we have a strong community here. But for me god is more than the Bible tells and I rather find to god in nature than in a church built by men.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s the world we live in. Religion is now frowned upon. I personally think religion, as long as it’s not hurting anyone, is actually a good thing. It gives people a correct moral compass.

  4. Honestly, your post it’s really interesting, but I am also a Christian and my personal belief is that religion is only for me. I don’t want/like to publicly show it. On the other hand, I don’t like when people are blaming others for doing it publicly, in the end it’s everyone’s choice of life.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I think Religion, now more than ever, is important and we need it to cope with losses and with all the tragedies happening around the world. We need it to stick together.

  6. I love how brave you are. Writing about religion can be a tough topic for some because not everyone believes the same. I myself, grew up Catholic, as my dad always took me to church every weekend. He did not, however, have me complete any of the sacraments. I am now going through that now, and am excited that my family will be able to share this with me.

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    1. Hi Rio,
      It is with great honour that i accept this nomination. I never saw this coming and i say a big thank you to you for finding my blog worthy of this nomination.
      God bless you.

      1. No problem, Mary. I see you have good information to share. The award is really just online, and can take a while to get through the questions, but I think it’s a good and fun way to connect with other bloggers! God bless you as well!

  8. I usually never speak about my religious beliefs
    I feel it is personal between you and god.
    You don’t need to express to someone, it’s our own right to choose the religion.

  9. As long as you respect the beliefs of others too, feel free to hold on to your beliefs. Even in times when they become unpopular. Best of luck!

  10. My hope is that in the future no one has to be ashamed or embarrassed of their religious beliefs. I’m sorry that you have ever felt that way. But I do love the way you express yourself. Great read!

  11. Religion is something very personal and something that can be hard to talk about. I’m not religious myself, but have friends and family who are religious and it’s all about mutual respect in my opinion. Now more than ever before. With all the hate in regards to religion and misinterpretation of it. Sending you lots of love <3


  12. I openly speak about my religion as well but I make sure not to impose it on anyone. My friends clearly know my srance on things. However other believers may find me hypocritical or liberal because I don’t criticize certain people for breaches of my religious believes. Most importantly my religion based on love, and so far as I demonstrate it to everyone regardless of their “sin” (which is rather absurd considering we all fall short), I believe I am doing the right thing.

    1. Love is the bottom line of it all, as long as we are guided by the right principles of life and treat others exactly how we wish to be treated. Thanks Marianne

  13. Hi Mary, this is a very nicely written article. It’s a tough topic to tackle but you did a great job. I must disagree with some of the commenters however. Region makes a huge difference on community sentiment and where I live in the South, it is extremely taboo to not be religious. Total strangers ask me where I go to church on a regular basis. I’m a recovering Catholic (sounds like I had a much different experience growing up in the church and at my Catholic high school than you had), so I have separately myself from instititionalized religion almost completely at this point. You would think I committed homicide the way some people look at me when i tell them this. I think the main takeaway from you post nails this idea that we should be allowed to believe how we believe, I think where I live, people are more than proud to be religious and think they’re superior for being so. Great post that makes you think. Thank you!

  14. We should be proud of our religion but tolerant of others. That’s the beauty of the world. Thanks for the read!

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