MASSIVE EXODUS: Igbos Flee Back To South East As Quit Notice From The North Takes Effect.

Mr Egonu Athanasius  the President of the  Igbo Market Amalgamated Traders Union has made known that some members of the union have started moving their families out of the northern states back home to the south-south and other states in the Federation in response to the ultimatum issued by the Coalition of Northern Youths.

According to him, the Igbos were moving out of the northern parts of the country in order to protect and shield their families from the threats meted out by the northern youths. This is a step taken, to guide themselves against any attack.

Athanasius pleaded with the government to treat all ethnic groups in Nigeria equally in order to forestall a revolt and also called  for the implementation of the 2014/2015 National Conference report. In his words:

“Let them treat every tribe equally. If you treat Igbo man with equal right, Igbo man will not revolt against you. If you treat Hausa man with equal right, Hausa Man will not revolt against you. Equally, a Yoruba  man and we are one Nation”.

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