My “Go To Foundation” For A Natural Look.

It’s  time for my ladies to get in here and lets talk makeup/beauty. We are going to take a look at one  of the foundations that l  always tend to reach out for, when I’m going for a very natural look. I have used this foundation over time and can give you my honest reviews on it. If you’re the type that loves foundations, but not sure of the one to go for,  because you’re scared of coming across as too “made up ” or “cakey”. You want to wear your foundation and still look as natural as possible without feeling its weight on your skin, then, get in here.

I have a combination skin, which means that  I tend to produce oil on my T-Zone, i.e, my forehead, around my nose and my chin area, while the rest of my face is dry at all times. After so much effort to find a good foundation that can help me cover some of my imperfections and yet still look as natural as possible, I came across the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hrs Wear Foundation.

This foundation is so lightweight on the skin , that you can barely feel you have anything on. It covers your blemishes extremely well, and it gives a medium to full coverage. It is very buildable without giving you a cakey look, which is one of the reasons I  love it so much. It is transfer free and I hardly retouch my face throughout the day.  The lancome teint Idole ultra 24hrs does not give you a matte finish as it claims, at least for me, but a semi-matte finish, because it still gives your skin a little bit of dewiness thereby allowing your skin to still breathe through it all. It has an SPF 15, giving you that needed protection against sun damage to the skin. It comes in 40 different shades, leaving you with a wide range to choose from. The lancome teint idole ultra 24hrs wear foundation is worth every penny and  above all this, applying your foundation with a good foundation brush or sponge is very important to get that flawless look.

I wish this company was actually paying me to recommend this foundation, but i just couldn’t keep all the goodness of this foundation  to myself. Remember, we are all beautifully and wonderfully made. Makeup does not in any way, define who you are.

What is that favorite foundation you reach out for, to get that flawless natural look?  Leave your comments and share.



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  1. I am a makeup junkie – and a shoe junkie and an earring junkie. Like shoes and earrings, my favorite is always the one I’m wearing at the moment. I do like Lancôme though – it stays in place nicely and feels “light”.

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