I Was Bitten, Stung And Broken.

  It is really difficult to stay afloat and keep my  head above waters, life in itself is a daily struggle, once I open my eyes to a new day, I begin to wonder what the day holds for me. No amount of planning I put in place prevents nature from contributing either positively or negatively to my day. The problems I face include:

The Struggle to Survive:  Life itself is a daily struggle, with the constant  hope and prayers for all to go well, we swim in the widest and deepest ocean of life every single day. Sometimes, we swim so perfectly, while at other times we get drowned in the process.  I, personally have been bitten, stung and broken many a time, there were times I wanted to give up and there were times I actually thought I had given up completely, resigning to my weaknesses, telling myself that I could push and give no more.

                                       Crushed by Fear: I looked at my right and saw sharks, my left were crocodiles, in front were hyenas and behind were lions. I gazed up and thought of giving up completely, but I forgot that in every hopelessness, is a ray of hope, at this point I cried out,  I looked and searched for my innermost strength  which surpasses all obstacle, at this moment I realized that my resignation had created a ginormous loophole for my obstacles and fears to over shadow and overcome me.

Destroying Your Enemies:

 My cry gave me a ray of  hope, the mere fact that I opened up that vulnerable part of me and cried out for help and succor, brought back the reassurance that everything was going to be fine. I stumped on the shark, walked on the back of the crocodile and stared sternly into the eyes of the hyenas and lions, shivers ran down their spine and off they fled.

The Race of Life: The sharks, crocodile, hyenas and lions represent the fears we face in life, cultivate a force to help you fight back, because the race of life is not for the weak, but for the strong and upright. You have to constantly say to yourself that you can always overcome and conquer your  fears, no matter what,  in order to  Make Your Dreams Happen.

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  1. A different way to describe life, I loved it! We have to be strong and have a positive mind to all things can happen!

  2. Yes, life is like a wave; sometimes it’s smooth sailing and on other days it’s rough, wild and unforgiving. We must stay the course with all the survival tools we have, including seeking professional help when it becomes more than we can handle. Sending you healing light and love.

  3. hope you’re feeling better. Sometimes we have to go through things in order to prepare for the next journey but, it still sucks big time while it’s happening and there seems to be no solace.

  4. To overcome any challenges or fear one may have, the key is to believe in oneself. If you believe that you can do it, you will condition yourself to achieve what you aspire to achieve.

  5. Love this post. Fear is definitely my biggest enemy. It is the one stopping us from doing great thing. BTW, you have a great writing skills 🙂

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