8 Most Inappropriate Things Parents Should Never Do Before Their Kids.

Parents are the first source of a child’s exposure to life’s challenges. The expectations are very high  when it comes to the kind of upbringing a child gets from the parents. Therefore, any failure in this regard on the part of a parent is usually seen as a big disappointment, because it tends to always rub off wrongly and negatively on the society at large.

As the saying goes that to whom much is given, much is expected, whatever you as a parent, create and mold in terms of a child’s character, is what will be presented as a  finished canvas to the world.  Children tend to copy and emulate their parents in almost everything, especially as they see them as their heroes and role models.  This is why, we need to be very conscious with what we do and how we do things around them. When you look closely and observe the behavior of some children, you notice a bit or more of the traits and characters of their parents in them. Psychologically, children feel the need to always follow in the steps of their dads and mums, in order to receive approval for their acts and actions, which they feel will be relevant in shaping them into the person they’ll become in future.
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5 Ways To Deal With Betrayal From A Best Friend!

Who do you call a friend? My friend is someone I can call on in times of trouble and despair. A  person who has a strong shoulder for me to lean on when my feet feel weak and wobbly. A person I can share my joys, sorrows and laughter with.  A  person who is willing to take the fall for me, take the blame for me and watch my back even at  times when  I least expected it. A person who would be willing to go the extra mile with me, even when the road looks rough, dark and  lonely.

I want to call you my friend, if when I look back, I see you smiling at me, when I look at my  sides  I see you waiting patiently to lend me a hand and when I take a step forward I see  you with opened arms to give me a warm embrace. Treat me exactly the way you wish to be treated, give me the respect I deserve and give me your honest criticisms and do not patronize me in any form, yes, treat me this way and I will call you my friend.

Is it too much for me to ask you not to backbite, gossip about me, smile with me and yet laugh at me behind my back when you feel I am not watching?. Can you not try to wink at my man and try taking his number when I am not looking?.  Please do not speak badly of me to gain favours for yourself, do not dine and wine with me when you know you just finished spitting venom about me. Ask yourself why you should treat someone you call a friend like this, do you even feel any remorse or are you that insensitive? Continue reading “5 Ways To Deal With Betrayal From A Best Friend!”

Celebration Time!! MaryO-Signature Receives The Liebster Award!

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7 Things You Should Avoid When Trying to Discuss Sex With Your Kids.

I remember growing up with the notion that talking or discussing about sex was almost like a crime in my household. My parents never felt the need to have this discussion with me as a child.  Looking back now, makes me smile, because I can still picture in my head how reserved and sealed lipped my mother especially was, on this topic. If ever it was brought up, a ”myth” was always used as a descriptive measure. It was almost like you were indecent if you ever engaged in such discussion.

I still feel this topic has not gained enough exposure and by this, I mean there is no  proper awareness given to  some children from the most trusted people in their lives. This may  be due  to the fact that  they are confused on how to go about it,  either because they feel their kids are still too young or they feel very awkward having the discussion with them.

As a parent myself, I must admit that it is not the simplest of discussions to have with your kids, especially now that they are easily exposed to so many things around them, ranging from the internet, television, magazines, phones, peer pressure, just to name but a few, but again, if you look at it from that perspective in a different light, you will agree with me that the earlier you have the discussion with them, the better. Now, the main question is , what is the definition of ”early”. Continue reading “7 Things You Should Avoid When Trying to Discuss Sex With Your Kids.”

5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive After Many Years of Marriage

                                                                Marriage is the union of two minds as one, It is indeed  a beautiful thing, being married is one thing, but staying married and happy is another. It is not usually how long, but how well, I can remember how sparks flew here and there in the first few years of my marriage, how I use to feel butterflies in my stomach and how  my heart skips a beat at the mere sight of my husband.

These things quickly change over time if not well-managed and  nurtured, especially when the challenges of marriage starts setting in.  That is why, it is crucial to always try to keep the flame of love lit between you and your spouse at all times. I am going to outline 5 ways to achieve this; Continue reading “5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive After Many Years of Marriage”