5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive After Many Years of Marriage

                                                                Marriage is the union of two minds as one, It is indeed  a beautiful thing, being married is one thing, but staying married and happy is another. It is not usually how long, but how well, I can remember how sparks flew here and there in the first few years of my marriage, how I use to feel butterflies in my stomach and how  my heart skips a beat at the mere sight of my husband.

These things quickly change over time if not well-managed and  nurtured, especially when the challenges of marriage starts setting in.  That is why, it is crucial to always try to keep the flame of love lit between you and your spouse at all times. I am going to outline 5 ways to achieve this;

Keeping The Attraction close to Heart:

                                                                                                                      Always remember to keep at the back of your mind, the thing or things, that first attracted you to each other, because surely there must have been a strong force or something special that both of you saw in each other. This attraction often tends to melt the heart and helps you to recollect the sweet side of your partner, it is like a place of peace for the soul, that helps you look beyond your spouse’s short-comings.

Express Your Feelings:

                                                                                                   Do not be selfish with the way you express your feelings towards your partner, the first time you fall deeply in love with each other  is surely one of the best moments in your lives, so always let go with your unconditional love. Reciprocation of love is a must between couples, never be too busy, to let each other know how still crazy you both are, about each other. Always learn to share your joys and sorrows  through your feelings, as it does nothing more, than strengthen the bond between you.

Be Transparent:

                                                                                  Openness in marriage is one of the most powerful tools  of sustenance , you have to be truthful and transparent in your dealings with each other. Trust, when built between couples create room for a more solid union, because there is an unexplained feeling of satisfaction when you can trust your better half no matter what.

Go on Secret Get-Away:

                                                                                   This is where some couples make a very big mistake, they get so busy, filling up their time with work and barely having time to treat each other on romantic dates like they used to. Room for romantic dates, getaway, holiday and so on should be a priority when planning  your schedule, this, sometimes, helps you to let loose and brings out your inner giddiness.


                                                                                    This is the most important aspect you want to keep open as often as possible, as the flame that develops into sparks in a union is premised on the ability to constantly communicate with each other and be as open-minded as possible. No matter how far apart you might find yourselves at times, communication will always find a way to bring your hearts together as one.

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  1. Keeping the spark alive is very difficult when you have kids, you don’t have time for almost anything. The advices above are very helpful. Thanks

  2. Keeping the spark alive is crucial and you have to prioritise this . Put schedules in your diary to do things together no matter what!

  3. Great post! It’s hard to keep that spark alive. We need to make sure that we have adequate time together. We get so busy we never have time to spend as a couple.

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