5 Ways To Conquer The Fear Of The Unknown.

                                                                  Fear is an inevitable part of our reality. We are constantly faced with situations in life where we feel the whole world is against us and caving in. There are times when everything goes smoothly for us and yet we still fill our minds with doubts and tend to ask ourselves, if whatever we are feeling at the moment will last or fade away as quickly as it occurred. We worry a lot and  sometimes, don’t allow ourselves to be in the moment and enjoy the moment.

Growing up as a child, we have so much expectations and lay out what we would like our future to look like.  Of-course, we choose all the nicest things life has to offer.  Fast forward to the future, we start having anxiety and panic attacks over the fact that our well laid out plans for the future are not going accordingly, we start the comparison game, looking at the lifestyle of some of the people we grew up with.  To conquer the fear of the unknown we must be ready to always live in the moment and enjoy what we readily have, instead of always reflecting on things that are not readily available to us and within our reach.

It is very necessary for us to accept what we sometimes cannot change and learn to work with what we have,  this is definitely a good place to start from, because the more we worry about the unknown, the farther we get to reaching our goals in life. Do you know that the more we engage our minds, bodies and souls with thoughts of things that we are afraid might happen in the future, the more we become robed with loads of negative vibes and energy, unhappiness and bitterness becomes our daily companion. The question now is, how can we help ourselves out of such situation, since it is a part of our existence and therefore inevitable .  Now, let us look at five ways I feel we can conquer such fears:

                                                     Understanding Our Fears: This can be very difficult  at times, because it has more to do with our mental well-being, rather than the physical. In order to take a step towards fighting our fears, we have to first and foremost search deep within ourselves and ask what exactly, are we afraid of and why are we afraid? asking ourselves these questions, create a base for us to start the healing process. You can not find a solution to a problem you are not willing to admit exists, because,  admittance helps with understanding where our fears stem from. This is very therapeutic for the mind and creates an avenue for us to really realize the importance of not allowing our fears to overwhelm and overshadow us.

                                                                     Living In The Moment:  We need to learn to relax our minds and thoughts, by trying to work with and around what we have at every moment in time. Trying to reach beyond our capabilities is a big mistake we sometimes make and we becloud ourselves with expectations, instead of facing the realities of life, by doing this we also tend to lose focus and start chasing shadows instead. Living in the moment helps us to stay focused, thereby, giving room for us to improve on what we have, rather than wasting time on things that are not readily available to us, doing this can definitely help us achieve our goals on the long run.

                                                                        Stop The Comparison Game:  One thing we need to realize is that, we all  are unique in our own ways,  trying to be like someone else is like living a copied life, thereby missing out on our own uniqueness. When we reflect on this, we realize that, we could have bettered our own life a million times over, with all the time wasted trying to walk in other people’s shoes. The question then, is how long do we want to continue living a borrowed life because at the end of the day, we may not be as successful as we were destined to. Fear gives us the feeling that we are not good enough and may not actually succeed in our own path of life, thereby, giving us the excuse of trying to emulate other people. The more we indulge in the habit of comparing our lifestyle to other people’s life, especially when we feel they are better than us in all ramifications, the more our fears increase.

Pursue  Realities And Not Expectations:  We all have expectations,  but when we get hit in the face with the realities of life , we get thrown off-balance  causing confusion and frustration.  This is why we need to understand the difference between what we want and what is actually available. We need to understand that our reality is working with whatever we have and making the most out of it. This is a good step towards fighting whatever fears we may have about life. When we become so focused and attached to what we expect from life, we become easily frustrated, when we are not reciprocated with such gesture, but if we try to channel our energy into utilizing what we are presently faced with, in a very productive way, we most probably, start helping to alleviate our fears.

                                                                   Believe in Yourself:  Second guessing ourselves all the time causes weakness in our level of reasoning, we make ourselves slaves to our own doubts, causing us psychological problems, to the extent that we find it hard to believe in ourselves. We find our best not good enough, even when other people try to encourage us and show appreciation for our good work or deeds. The first key to success is self-confidence and determination, which serves as a boost to our ego and self-worth. Giving credit to ourselves and applauding the efforts we put into our everyday struggle, no matter how little it may be, is very important. Learn to be in control of your thoughts, mind and body in order to ward off any iota of uncertainties  that may always lurk around to affect our self-confidence. Believing in yourself is the only way you can make your dreams happen.

In conclusion, we should note that, whatever our fears are in life, we certainly are not alone, we all  are fighting one fear or the other, but the way or method we choose to help ourselves out of such situation is what matters. Our fears will continue to hunt us, if we do not make any conscious effort to face them and tackle them with positivity. I have my own fears and have chosen to tackle them, how about you? Are you still struggling with your fears? Don’t you think you have allowed your fears to take dominance over your life for so long? The decision is yours to make, it is either you are defeated by your fears or you conquer them once and for all. Let’s interact, by commenting, sharing our views and opinions on this subject.



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    1. I think it has always been there, but quietly ignored,with the hope that it will just go away, but silently giving us nightmares. That is the reason why we need to summon up courage and step up to it. Thanks for your input.

  1. this is a super sensitive topic and even i have been a victim to fear of almost every thing and i has kept me back from moving foward with my goals and aspirations,thanks for sharing.

  2. Well let’s would be interested how fear gets created and why people have fear, can we have a life without fear. I think we underestimate our self time if we have to much of it and once we have to less we want to have more

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