The 6 Most Ignored Ways To Achieve Happiness.

Life can be a roller coaster at times, you find it very overwhelming when things don’t go as planned. We feel the whole world is crashing down on us at times and feel very sad and dejected, there are days personally, I do not feel like getting out of bed and doing anything, but ends up encouraging myself one way or the other to push through. I have come to realize that happiness is something that lies underneath our fingers, meaning that our happiness is premised on how we choose to perceive and understand what it truly represent and mean to us as individuals. What makes you happy, might not be the same for me, therefore, learn to choose your path wisely to lead you to your own happiness. Dejection and rejection seem to always lurk around especially when we feel we are nearing our source of happiness at times, but you know what, giving a chance to all these unscrupulous elements to steal our joy and happiness is actually where the problem lies. There are so many times we tend to be the first hand cause of our problems without knowing it, we invite trouble, directly or indirectly to ourselves.

Example of such, which I used to be guilty of, is trying to help others, even at the expense of my own happiness, now tell me, if that is not inviting trouble, then I don’t know what else to call it.  This is even infinitesimal to what some people do, all in the name of helping others and depriving themselves of their much deserved happiness.

Assisting and being gracious, is very important and helps us to fulfill our innermost  sense of showing kindness and love to others around us, but when we do it to the extent of deprivation, then it turns around to have a negative effect on our lives. Therefore we are going to look at ways we can help ourselves to lose this habit and help us to lift up our spirits, especially, when we feel low and down.


1. Choose Your Friends Wisely: Like they say sometimes, “show me your friend, and I’ll tell you who you are” is a very wise saying. The kind of friends we choose to keep at times is very important to our general well-being and happiness. Toxic friends can do nothing but carry toxicity around,  which is a pollutant to anything good and lively. Some people we call friends are a contributory factor to our unhappiness at times, because some of them who know our strengths and weaknesses, tend to use them against us especially when they are aware of the level of trust we have in them. That is exactly why, we need to be weary of the kind of friends and people we surround ourselves with.

2.   Wake Up Everyday With A Positive Attitude: I have personally, found this to be very useful and helpful with my daily approach to life, it helps me stay focused with my daily pursuit of happiness. Wake up each day, with a very positive attitude, with a feeling that you can conquer the world if you choose to, that the world is at your finger tips and you can make your dreams happen if you so desire. Cultivate a habit of starting your day with a smile, and if you feel like singing, do not hold back, let it out and sing , for this can only fill your soul with joy and happiness, which can transcend into something that will make your day go smoothly. This is a particular method I try to use most of the time and find very therapeutic for my day-to-day activities.

3. Always Have A Plan In Place: Do not start your day with uncertainties and confusion, be specific as to what you want achieved in a day, this helps you to stay focused and dedicated, and also acts as a driving and guiding force to help you pull through the day. As the saying goes that “proper planning, prevents poor performance” is definitely true. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail, because, at the end of the day, when you outline your plans, and try to set out to achieving them, you get an inner peace of satisfaction, that at least, you have a plan in place and you are making efforts to achieving them. The happiness we derive from following a well laid out plan, cannot be quantified, especially as it makes things easier and go smoothly for us, most of the time.

4. Learn To Indulge Yourself Every Now And Then: “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” this is an old saying that has stuck with me for a very long time. Learn to give yourself a treat, every now and then, as a way of giving yourself a pat on your back, for a job well done. There is no need to feel awkward about pampering yourself, this is actually very important as a means of recognizing all your hard work and efforts. This is called self-love, we forget that our happiness is premised on our general well-being at times and continue to put ourselves last when it comes to love, attention and care. Do not ever feel guilty, when you set out to pampering and giving yourself treats and breaks, as you must also tell yourself, that you actually need and deserve every bit of it.

5.  Stay True To Yourself: I can never emphasize this point enough, staying true to who you are is the ultimate gate way to your happiness. You are unique in your own way, there is none like you out there, be confident in who you are, what you do and what you represent. Staying true to yourself, brings out the best in you. Search deep within and ask yourself, what you are good at, what truly keeps and makes you happy, and if truly, you are doing what you love and actually living your dreams, or are you trying to be like and live like other people? By the time you scrutinize yourself, and is able to understand your strengths, work on them and develop them, to help you achieve your desired happiness. Don’t also forget to identify your weaknesses and initiate tactics to help you turn them into strengths.

6. Learn To Be Patient:  Frustration can cause a major setback to our happiness, when it comes to our daily activities, some of us do not have the patience to pull through and see beyond our failures at times, we throw caution to the wind and feel so desperate when things do not go according to plans. Patience, is indeed a virtue we must all try to imbibe, when we are on the journey or road to happiness. A lot of stumbling blocks await us on this journey, but our approach towards it, will be the determining factor of how the journey ends. Patience again, they say is golden, because we can achieve a lot with it, all we need to do, is remember that, somethings we set out to achieve, may be delayed, but can never be denied, if we are persistent and patient. 

Lastly, I want you to know that your happiness  lies in your own hands. No one has the right to make you feel unhappy, except you give that person the sole right to do so. Take charge of your life and know that everyday of your happiness counts and means a lot. A day that goes by without at least a smile on your beautiful face, is a wasted day. Are you guilty of overlooking and ignoring these points stated above? Digest this post, try to relate it to your everyday life and leave your thoughts by commenting in the box below and sharing, to inspire other people. Remember, Let’s inspire, together.

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