The 6 Most Ignored Ways To Achieve Happiness.

Life can be a roller coaster at times, you find it very overwhelming when things don’t go as planned. We feel the whole world is crashing down on us at times and feel very sad and dejected, there are days personally, I do not feel like getting out of bed and doing anything, but ends up encouraging myself one way or the other to push through. I have come to realize that happiness is something that lies underneath our fingers, meaning that our happiness is premised on how we choose to perceive and understand what it truly represent and mean to us as individuals. What makes you happy, might not be the same for me, therefore, learn to choose your path wisely to lead you to your own happiness. Dejection and rejection seem to always lurk around especially when we feel we are nearing our source of happiness at times, but you know what, giving a chance to all these unscrupulous elements to steal our joy and happiness is actually where the problem lies. There are so many times we tend to be the first hand cause of our problems without knowing it, we invite trouble, directly or indirectly to ourselves. Continue reading “The 6 Most Ignored Ways To Achieve Happiness.”

Wow! MaryO-Signature Receives Another Award- The Blogger Recognition Award!

This truly has come as another big surprise for me and I am extremely grateful for this award. Writing is one of my passions and it keeps me going, even at times when I am at my lowest, yes writing helps me pull through. At a point in my life , I decided to extend my writings to a larger audience, because I wanted to impact,  inspire and learn from other people,  and alas! the birth of my blog.  When I started my blog in June 2017, I was a little bit skeptical and apprehensive as to how my blog was going to be accepted by other people, I didn’t know what to expect, I had no mentor and by mentor, I mean, I had no other person who has been in the blogging world to ask questions, to seek advice from and most especially to draw inspirations from.  I was all alone on this, but was very lucky to have the support of my husband, kids( my number 1 fans), Lol!  and my siblings. Continue reading “Wow! MaryO-Signature Receives Another Award- The Blogger Recognition Award!”

5 Ways To Conquer The Fear Of The Unknown.

                                                                  Fear is an inevitable part of our reality. We are constantly faced with situations in life where we feel the whole world is against us and caving in. There are times when everything goes smoothly for us and yet we still fill our minds with doubts and tend to ask ourselves, if whatever we are feeling at the moment will last or fade away as quickly as it occurred. We worry a lot and  sometimes, don’t allow ourselves to be in the moment and enjoy the moment.

Growing up as a child, we have so much expectations and lay out what we would like our future to look like.  Of-course, we choose all the nicest things life has to offer.  Fast forward to the future, we start having anxiety and panic attacks over the fact that our well laid out plans for the future are not going accordingly, we start the comparison game, looking at the lifestyle of some of the people we grew up with.  To conquer the fear of the unknown we must be ready to always live in the moment and enjoy what we readily have, instead of always reflecting on things that are not readily available to us and within our reach. Continue reading “5 Ways To Conquer The Fear Of The Unknown.”

5 Ways To Deal With Betrayal From A Best Friend!

Who do you call a friend? My friend is someone I can call on in times of trouble and despair. A  person who has a strong shoulder for me to lean on when my feet feel weak and wobbly. A person I can share my joys, sorrows and laughter with.  A  person who is willing to take the fall for me, take the blame for me and watch my back even at  times when  I least expected it. A person who would be willing to go the extra mile with me, even when the road looks rough, dark and  lonely.

I want to call you my friend, if when I look back, I see you smiling at me, when I look at my  sides  I see you waiting patiently to lend me a hand and when I take a step forward I see  you with opened arms to give me a warm embrace. Treat me exactly the way you wish to be treated, give me the respect I deserve and give me your honest criticisms and do not patronize me in any form, yes, treat me this way and I will call you my friend.

Is it too much for me to ask you not to backbite, gossip about me, smile with me and yet laugh at me behind my back when you feel I am not watching?. Can you not try to wink at my man and try taking his number when I am not looking?.  Please do not speak badly of me to gain favours for yourself, do not dine and wine with me when you know you just finished spitting venom about me. Ask yourself why you should treat someone you call a friend like this, do you even feel any remorse or are you that insensitive? Continue reading “5 Ways To Deal With Betrayal From A Best Friend!”

Celebration Time!! MaryO-Signature Receives The Liebster Award!

My blog has just received the Liebster Award, as a recognition for good contents and quality message to our readers and subscribers. This came , totally unexpected and I was caught off-guard, in a good way of-course.  For those of you who might be wondering what a Liebster Award is, here we go! Continue reading “Celebration Time!! MaryO-Signature Receives The Liebster Award!”

I Was Bitten, Stung And Broken.

  It is really difficult to stay afloat and keep my  head above waters, life in itself is a daily struggle, once I open my eyes to a new day, I begin to wonder what the day holds for me. No amount of planning I put in place prevents nature from contributing either positively or negatively to my day. The problems I face include: Continue reading “I Was Bitten, Stung And Broken.”


   I love him and I know he loves me too, he hits me at times, but I think it’s my fault because I provoke him into doing it, I know he’ll change with time because he is not the violent type.  He’s just having a bad day and I need to learn to be more submissive, I already have kids for him and they need their father to be in their life, if I leave him, I don’t know where I am going to start from. He is the only man I have known all my life, he is my rock, who is going to love me if I leave him?  What are my parents going to say, what are my church members going to think of me, what is the society going to say, what am I going to tell my kids when they come of age. Maybe, he needs to hit me every once in a while to bring me to my senses at times.


I Am Ashamed Of My Religious Belief.

Coming to terms with  a lot of things in one’s life can be very difficult at times, there are so many of us who were born and imbibed into certain religion , while some, out of curiosity found their own path.

There are people who are neither here nor there, and of-course, those who have no religious belief. Whatever  group or category you belong to, is not the real issue here, but your ability to show and  profess confidently and proudly where you actually belong to, is what matters.

In the society of today, a lot of pressure has been placed on the issue of religion and especially in terms of recent happenings, which has left the world in so much chaos and uncertainties, so much as to make a believer second guess themselves. This is why  non religious people, see others who hold on, tenaciously to their belief, as people who have a mental dis-order, they can not comprehend why a person should believe in something they can neither see, hear nor feel.

I, personally would rather have a religious belief to hold on to, than not. I feel very comfortable and confident that I have a religious belief that makes me feel safe each time I open my eyes to a new day, giving me new hope, giving me the assurance that everything will be alright. The knowledge alone, that there is something out there, a ”Higher Being”, that I am holding on to, keeps me going.  This enables me to channel my feelings through prayers , which can be very meditative and healing for my mental and physical being.

As a teenager, I remember feeling  a little bit awkward, sharing my religious beliefs, praying in public places, especially when I was not in the midst of people who directly shared my beliefs, I remember gaining more confidence when I made the conscious effort to equip myself with a lot of research into my beliefs. Trust me, as the saying goes that “Knowledge is Power” I surely became empowered and felt more confident.

I am a christian, a catholic and a proud one at that, I am not ashamed to profess and practice it. Let us practice what we preach, by living it. When you choose to compromise your faith to suit a purpose, then you are letting yourself down, you are not being truthful to yourself and to the people around you. Why are you afraid of what people might think or say about your choice? take a stand, because, it is either you are loved for what you believe in or hated for it, the choice, is yours to make.

Make a conscious effort, to really understand where you belong, be true to yourself and live for yourself, rather than live for others.

Leave your comments, share and let’s inspire together.


The Perfect Life of a Housewife.

Did i just say perfect! Well, let me start by saying that you can only find perfection in your imperfections, if you search and work hard at it. Many years ago, if I was told, I would be a housewife, I would  have laughed out loud and said not a chance in hell”.

I had always dreamt of being the very one who would give orders in offices, have many staffs to work with, wake up early to go to work, dress very official and all that. I guess life has a way of restructuring whatever plans we sometimes set in place.

Here I am today, a housewife of over 14years. When I sometimes look back, I laugh at myself, shake my head and thank God for my life. So many people have their different perspectives and views when it comes to this very sensitive topic, yes, I say sensitive because there are lots of controversies surrounding it.

There are people who are of the opinion that housewives are women who have been stripped off their rights and integrity by their spouses. Whenever I hear or read these comments, I wonder and say to myself that people draw up conclusions from either what they’ve experienced, read, seen or from pure ignorance.

I believe the decision for a woman to be a housewife even with her great educational background/qualifications is solely a decision between her and spouse, which must come with a lot of understanding on the part of the woman and a lot of genuine convincing promises on the part of the man.

This is where the perfection comes in, a woman forced into being a housewife can never give her best, just as with any other profession. The man must be in a position to fulfill all understandings, reached and agreed upon by both parties and the woman, must also be ready to play her own part. Perfection starts creeping in if given a chance and usually in a gradual process. There are times when you ask yourself “how did I get into this” and there are times you say “I will never trade this for the whole world”.

I find being a housewife very interesting and fulfilling, though, there are times I get so bored purely out of the fact that i allow my mind to drift afar and think of other things i could have been doing with my life. I have learnt to be at peace with my decisions and this is also where your partner needs to come in every now and then, to reassure you, continuously show his support and unwavering love, which must be reciprocated.

Life in general isn’t rosy, so don’t expect yours to be, always try to draw up a plan for each new day, look at the brighter side of life and always learn to see positivity even in the face of adversary, because challenges will always knock at your door. Learning to be at peace within myself and facing all the challenges with wisdom and understanding, which can only be gotten through patience and perseverance by the special grace of God, is what has made me found perfection in being a housewife.

Are you a housewife like me? What are your perspectives and views on this topic? Let us rub minds on this and inspire one another.


Make Your Dreams Happen

Yes, I am referring to YOU! Yes, YOU! What is holding you back? Why do you think you can’t do it? Why are you scared? Why do you keep procrastinating? Why are you giving flimsy excuses on holding back on your dreams? There are so many “WHYS” that require an honest answer from you.

Sitting back and doing nothing about all the “whys” in your life will not answer the questions. As the saying goes ”a journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step”. That single step can make a big difference, do not think about the “what ifs” before you even take that step, because, those are the strings that you have allowed to define and control you for so long and such strings are called “SETBACKS” even before you start.

Tell yourself that enough is enough, you are going to stop making excuses and start make efforts, you are going to stop complaining and start complimenting yourself, you are going to stop whining and start winning. Your destiny lies in your hands, only you can decide what you wish to do with it.

Whenever you fail at something does not mean you are a failure, it only means that you can get better at it, if you try and try again. The number of times you fall does not matter, but how strongly you were able to stand up is all that counts. Don’t ever be scared to try again, because, you will encounter a lot of obstacles in the process, you will or may be told that you’re not good enough or that you can’t make it, all these should make you hunger for success the more, exert all that anger and energy into bettering yourself. What better revenge is there than to shut up your haters with your success. Where are you in your life today? Are you a whiner or a winner? Are you a sucker or a success? Remember, above all, it’s never too late to start.


What are those setbacks in my life?

How can i overcome them?

What are the efforts i am             making to resolve them?

It is time to get up and take the bull by the horn. You are in control of your destiny.
Share your thoughts and let us rub minds on this one and inspire someone today.