8 Most Inappropriate Things Parents Should Never Do Before Their Kids.

Parents are the first source of a child’s exposure to life’s challenges. The expectations are very high  when it comes to the kind of upbringing a child gets from the parents. Therefore, any failure in this regard on the part of a parent is usually seen as a big disappointment, because it tends to always rub off wrongly and negatively on the society at large.

As the saying goes that to whom much is given, much is expected, whatever you as a parent, create and mold in terms of a child’s character, is what will be presented as a  finished canvas to the world.  Children tend to copy and emulate their parents in almost everything, especially as they see them as their heroes and role models.  This is why, we need to be very conscious with what we do and how we do things around them. When you look closely and observe the behavior of some children, you notice a bit or more of the traits and characters of their parents in them. Psychologically, children feel the need to always follow in the steps of their dads and mums, in order to receive approval for their acts and actions, which they feel will be relevant in shaping them into the person they’ll become in future.
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7 Things You Should Avoid When Trying to Discuss Sex With Your Kids.

I remember growing up with the notion that talking or discussing about sex was almost like a crime in my household. My parents never felt the need to have this discussion with me as a child.  Looking back now, makes me smile, because I can still picture in my head how reserved and sealed lipped my mother especially was, on this topic. If ever it was brought up, a ”myth” was always used as a descriptive measure. It was almost like you were indecent if you ever engaged in such discussion.

I still feel this topic has not gained enough exposure and by this, I mean there is no  proper awareness given to  some children from the most trusted people in their lives. This may  be due  to the fact that  they are confused on how to go about it,  either because they feel their kids are still too young or they feel very awkward having the discussion with them.

As a parent myself, I must admit that it is not the simplest of discussions to have with your kids, especially now that they are easily exposed to so many things around them, ranging from the internet, television, magazines, phones, peer pressure, just to name but a few, but again, if you look at it from that perspective in a different light, you will agree with me that the earlier you have the discussion with them, the better. Now, the main question is , what is the definition of ”early”. Continue reading “7 Things You Should Avoid When Trying to Discuss Sex With Your Kids.”

Help! My Kids are Turning into Teenagers.

Are you a parent terrified of how you are going to deal with all the intense growth that comes with teen years?  Or do you already have them on your hands and are a bit confused?  Or have you not  considered it yet?

Well, just to let you know that you are not alone. These years do not come only with the physical changes, but also emotional and psychological  changes. They tend to be more rebellious at this stage, wanting to be more in charge of their emotions and trying to always get you to understand things from their own point of view or perspective.

Parents make so many mistakes at this crucial stage of  their children’s mental development. They tend to want to still be in control through forcefulness and high-handedness. This has caused a lot of strain between parents and their teenage kids.


LISTEN:  Be ready to be their friend,  at this stage, they want you to be more understanding of their needs and one of the ways in which you can achieve this,  is by paying more attention to them, taking out the time to study them behaviorally and  learn to be a good listener.

BE READY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS: This is when you start getting some very uncomfortable questions from your teenage kids, that is, if you have been able to win their friendship, be ready to answer these questions as honestly as you can,” even though you are going crazy inside” calmness at this stage is very crucial.

SLOW TO ANGER:  You have to learn at this stage to keep your anger in check, you push them away by exhibiting so much  anger when they make mistakes.

TRUST: Teenagers open up more, when they feel they can trust you, they tell you things on their mind sometimes, without you even asking. Work at gaining their trust  and gradually other things will fall into place.

Above all, do not forget to pray and continue to pray for  your children, as this is the seal that binds all, mentioned above. Let us share our thoughts on this and help inspire someone today.